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    Safe Drivers We are Chasers DD a professional designated driving service which offers a variety of convenient and afforable membership plans.
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    DUI: Don't Risk It! Don't drink and drive. Get the latest Arizona DUI information and stay out of trouble by signing up for one of our Chasers DD memberships.
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    Who We Serve We can get you safely and discretely to and from your favorite valley hot spots 7 days a week. View Coverage Map
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    Protect Patrons Restaurant and bar owners! Get your customers and their cars home safely and discretly with unlimited pick-ups to and from your establishment.
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    Corporate Groups Chasers DD corporate membership plans offers significant discounts for group membership. Leave the driving to us.
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    Welcome A Chasers DD membership plan offers you the reassurance to get you home safely and discretely on your terms.
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Joint Plan $39.99/Month

Plan covers you, your spouse or significant other living within the same home address in the Greater Phoenix Areas. Allows for pickups from any location, to be taken to any other location in your own vehicle. Unlimited ride each month! You just pay a $40 min fee each use.

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Preferred Plan $109.99/Month

Three friends drink wine together at dinner

This VIP Plan covers you, your spouse or significant other living within the same home address anywhere in the Greater Phoenix Area. Allows for pickups from any location, to be taken to any other location in your vehgicle as many times as needed. Unlimited rides! All you pay is $20 plus tip each use. That's it!! Always guaranteed a pickup everytime!

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Restaurant Plan $249.99/Month

Reduce your liabilty today by protecting your Bar against the dreaded DRAM LAW! Plan covers unlimited pick-ups from your establishment for anyone of your customers. It gets them AND their car home that EVENING so you don’t have a full parking lot the next morning! Your customers just pay a $40 min tip regardless of distance! Show your patrons you truly care and appreciate their business! Help them make the responsible decision not to DRINK and DRIVE! 

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Corporate Plan $99.99/Month

The most basic plan covers up to for 5 individuals. Plans can be created to cover any size group and its clients big or small. Plans provide a significant insurance policy and safe rides home to it's upper management, employees and clients in or out of state! DUI/DWI prevention of any type is worth evey penny when it's there to protect the integrity of your business. Programs can be tailored for each entities specific needs. Call us now and let us help you protect your businesses reputation! WE get you and your employess vehicles home or to their hotels. Ask about our Select Business Plans too!

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Arizona's Best Designated Driver Service



Why is ChasersDD the best designated driving service in Arizona? Because we are a locally owned-operated and experienced team of individuals that truly care about the safety of you and the others with you. Unlike other services that promise to arrive quickly, we really do. 

We make sure our subscribing members in need are always looked after and get home with their vehicles safely every time. We’re a service that strives to secure YOUR safetyand others.

We drive unmarked cars, so you never have to worry about the security of your integrity. We make sure your confidentiality and privacy is protected. We also offer these other exclusive services to members and its guestsonly! Ask about our Airport Transportation, Car Retrieval, and Chauffuer services! All of these services are automatically available to you with your monthly subcription. So with an amazing pool of members, we can get you picked up every time you call! Don’t get caught without your ChasersDD Plan!

With ChasersDD you won’t have to worry about the risk of a potential DUI any longer. Let us make your day and your spouse’s day so much easier. Don’t send her to get your car, send us!!! Remember, ChasersDD is like a insurance policy. Its not about the fees, its about protecting yourself, your family, and your career.

As a locally based service we really do work hard everyday to secure the safety of everyone in our city and community. Help keep Arizona's roads safe. 


C H A S E R S      D E S I G N A T E D       D R I V E R S 

Drivers Wanted


Chasers DD is hiring courteous and responsible driver teams for all shifts.

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DUI Information


Get the latest Arizona DUI information from Chasers DD.

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Airport Transportation


Need transportation to and from Sky Harbor Airport? Leave the driving to Us! Get a luxury ride for you or your family for a low rate!

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